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Lay Ministry

Lay ministers serve the Church in many different ways. Some lay ministers are trained, work full time, and are paid while others are part time volunteers. Lay ministers can be single or married.

Some lay people exercise the Baptismal call to service by parish ministries such as Religious Education, Liturgy, Worship or Music ministry, service to the poor, Parish Leadership, Justice and Peace, detention ministry, Finance or Administration, Eucharistic Ministry or as a lector, Young Adult or Youth Ministry, ministry to the elderly, to the sick, to the homebound. Others participate in teams with RCIA, ongoing adult faith formation, or small Christian Communities.

Religious orders have provided openings for ministry and mission experiences for lay people through volunteer corps. Jesuit Volunteer Corps, Mary knoll Missionaries, Claretian Volunteers, are only a few. The Pallotti Center provides a catalog of short term and longer term service opportunities both national and international for those who want to experience ministry and community. These programs range from a summer to year long assignment. Volunteers live in community, share meals, prayer together and receive some formation


The Diocese of Laredo also provides training and certificate programs through the various offices to prepare lay ministers in Worship, Family Life, Youth ministry, Young Adult Ministry, and Religious Education Programs. The corresponding diocesan offices also welcome volunteers for Detention Ministry as well as those who want to work for Justice and Peace.