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Religious Education for Children

The office of Religious Education for Children of the Diocese of Laredo is committed to witnessing and proclaiming the reign of God as we minister to catechetical leaders and all involved in the catechetical ministry in our diocese. 

This goal will be accomplished by:

Motivating catechetical leaders to continually live out their baptismal vocation sharing their faith with God's people, collaborating with other catechetical leaders, affirming and supporting each other and their work and praying for the catechetical ministry of parishes and missions in our diocese.

Educating through instruction, training and development in accord with the teachings of the Church in order to respond creatively to the catechetical needs of God's people.

Communicating with the intent to inform catechetical leaders, pastors and parents regarding guidelines, procedures, concerns, and those events and activities that will strengthen the faith development of those entrusted to our care.

The resource in the Diocese of Laredo is the Guidelines and Policies for the Sacraments of Penance, Eucharist and Confirmation.

Children with Special Needs

All persons with disabilities have the capacity to proclaim the Gospel and to be living witnesses to its truth within the community of faith and offer valuable gifts. Their involvement enriches every aspect of Church life. NCD 49 

We are offering religious classes for children with special needs this year 2013-2014 in the following parishes:

  • San Martin De Porres Church, Laredo  
  • Our Lady of Refuge, Eagle Pass 
  • Sagrado Corazón De Jesús Mission, Laredo (Peñitas)
  • Santa Monica Mission, El Cenizo
  • Our Lady of Lourdes Mission, Eagle Pass

Translation Mass in Sign Language at San Martin De Porres Church, every Sunday at 10:30 AM.

Please contact the Department of Religious Education for Children for additional information.

Be a Catechist!

The goal of The Call to Be a Catechist is to help deepen your understanding of your calling, which means knowing and following Christ and leading others to him.

Those who are called to become catechists respond to God's call to echo God's Word, to echo the Person of Jesus.





Contact Information

1201 Corpus Christi St.
Laredo, Tx. 78040

Sr. Luz Ma. Mondragón (HMRF)
(956) 727-2140 ext. 7833

Ma. del Rocío Canizales
(956) 727-2140 ext. 7832