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7-Eleven Ministry Day

7-Eleven Ministry Day is for men and women 18 years and older who are considering a possible future as a priest, sister or brother. The goal is to give young adults the experience of what it is like to be priest for a day, to be a sister or brother for a day. Immerse yourself for one day in the ministry of a priest, sister or brother. Start the day with morning meditation just as if you were living in a rectory, convent or religious house. Spend time with the community or the priest, inside the rectory, convent or religious house and participate in their ministry.

  • How a parish priest prepares his homilies
  • How religious and priests work in a variety of ministries from prisons to nursing homes, for all different cultures across the city
  • You get to pick the ministry that you want to be in for the day
  • You can hear personal vocation stories one-on-one
  • You can learn how religious get along in community life

What Past Attendees had to say about 7-Eleven Ministry Day

"As the Missionaries of Charity are committed to serve the poor, they took us to the streets under the freeways where poverty-stricken people live. You can imagine how sad it was to see people living in such miserable conditions."

"I never thought religious life included fun of any kind. I was so happy that some of my doubts were relieved and I've come to believe that by the grace of God everything is possible, including being one of these wonderful women in a special mission for the Lord."

"I learned many things on the 7-Eleven Ministry Day. The first is that the day of a priest is real busy. I enjoyed visiting a sick woman because Father comforted her and prayed for her. That touched me very deeply. If I do become a priest, I would want to visit the sick and comfort them, especially during those last moments of life."